The Compleat Distiller (Revised 2nd Edition) by Michael Nixon

The Compleat Distiller (Revised 2nd Edition)

Book Title: The Compleat Distiller (Revised 2nd Edition)

Publisher: Amphora Sociey

ISBN: 193576103X

Author: Michael Nixon

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Michael Nixon with The Compleat Distiller (Revised 2nd Edition)

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Revised 2nd Edition. Published December 2010. There has never been a book published on the subject of home distillation as comprehensive as this. Every aspect is covered, from first principles to a clear explanation of the science behind it all. High yield fermentation techniques are described in detail, offering flexibility with efficiency. The design of every type of small still is examined, revealing many ways in which they may be improved. Precise details of how to extract essential oils and scents from plant materials are given, and methods compared. The data listed in the Appendix on Weights & Measures has been updated to reflect the latest research figures, and the Appendix on Vapor Management has been expanded to examine the technique more closely. Furthermore, a new Appendix on Air-Cooling has been added. No myths, no guesswork. Just tested and proven facts and designs.